Living by Example

Bismillah Hirahamah Niraheem 
                   There are two kinds of people in this world. One who show you how to live and another how not to live. One person of the first category is an aunt of mine. She lost her husband when she was young and had three small children to look after. Still she has neither questioned her fate nor complained about it. This patience she showed when she was neither educated nor working. She just put her trust in Allah(SWT) and continued with helping whoever she could within her means. She has also never hesitated to welcome guests and neither has she hesitated to spend money on others whenever the need arises.  Whenever possible she would feed the poor also. MashaAllah and Alhamdulillah, for her good heart, Allah has made things easy for her.
                   What a contrast to those who fail to show patience in times of difficulties and those who forget that our sustenance has already been guaranteed by Allah. What a contrast to those who keep complaining at the slightest turn of events in their fate. What a contrast to those who live in their own world with self sympathy at the smallest suffering turning blind to the needs of others. What a contrast to those who earn enough by Allah’s grace but still think to spend their money on those in need. What a contrast to those who want to save money for this world but save nothing for the hereafter. A lesson to learn for those who have husbands but are ungrateful just because he did not meet their expectations. May Allah save us from becoming one of all these.


Aleemul Hakeem

Bismillah Hirahamah Niraheem
           The most beautiful names belong to Allah(SWT) alone and each name describes Him(SWT)   perfectly , SubhanAllah. That it is beyond the human mind to comprehend His(SWT) greatness, He(SWT) chose to reveal it Himself. Allah hu Akbar, what a great blessing that is to mankind. 
          The other day, I was listening to a lecture of a shaikh on how not to question the decisions of Allah and about the verse 
       “Vallahu ‘Aleem ul Hakeem.”(And Allah is All Knowing, All Wise) 
            If only people truly understood this attribute of His(SWT), there would be lesser worries in this world. There was a gap of three years between the marriage of my twin and that of mine. Believe me, it is not easy answering people when your twin is married and you are not. Especially when the vast majority of these people are disbelievers i.e. my co-workers. Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for me. 
           My parents(Ya Allah, have mercy on them both) left no stone unturned to get me married. People came up with 1000 reasons and solutions for that. Allah knows best, but the only reason can be that the right time had not come. 
         Though I did not know it then, those three years of my life were very fruitful in terms of both my dunya and deen. Had it not been for those years, Allah knows best, how different my approach towards life would have been from what it is now.  SubhanAllah, He(SWT) made me realise the good in that delay and that all His(SWT) decisions are for our own good. May Allah grant each believer the wisdom that, whatever the difficulty and whenever their prayers are being unanswered or delayed or accepted, it is for their own good. Aameen.

Ya Allah!

Bismillah Hirahman Niraheem

Ya Allah help me…………

Appreciate others even when they misunderstand me,

Empathize with others even when they are insensitive to my feelings,

Be reliable even to those who are deceitful,

Be composed even when I am distressed,

Be tolerant even when my health is weak,

Ya Allah give me the strength………

To help others when there is no one to help me,

To forgive others when they hold grudges towards me,

To be patient when someone is angry with me,

Not to hurt even when they continue hurting me,

To be respectful even where there is no respect for me,


When I am lonely YOU are my only support

When I am weak YOU are my only strength

When I am desperate YOU are my only hope

And in the end to YOU is my return.


Repentance of Malik bin Dinar

Bismillah Hirahaman Niraheem
Malik bin Dinar narrated the following story about himself, saying, “I was a man who indulged in fun and enjoyment and suffered from an overwhelmingly addiction to wine. I bought a slave girl with whom I was very happy. She later gave birth to a beautiful girl who I loved dearly. I saw her progress from crawling to walking. Whenever I sat down for a drink, she would come and take the cup from my hands and spill the wine on the ground.

At the tender age of two years she died and left me grieving. It was the night of the fifteenth of Sha’ban and I fell asleep drunk. I saw in my dream that it was the Day of Resurrection and I came out of my grave with a huge sea serpent after me. I began to run but it chased me. The faster I ran, the faster it came. I passed by an old man dressed in clean garments who was very weak. I called out to him “O Sheikh, please save me from this monster!” He replied, “O my son, I am a very old man and this monster is too powerful for me, I cannot prevail from it. Perhaps if you carry on someone else may be able to help you.”

I continued to run, with the serpent still following me. I passed by a pit of blazing fire and was about to fall into it, but someone said, ”You are not its inhabitant,” On hearing this I turned and ran towards the mountain, I found that there were many gates to it and each gate had guards. A voice called out, ”Let this wretched man in before his enemy captures him.”

The gates opened and I saw a group of children, their faces shone like the moon, and among them was my little girl! She came towards me like a beam of light and with her right hand hit the serpent, which then fled. She sat by me and said, ”O my father, has not the time arrived for the heart of those who believe to submit to Allah’s reminder (Dhikr) and the truth (Quran) which has been revealed?” I replied, “O my child, do you know the Qur’an?” She answered, ”I lernt it from you.” I then asked, ”O my daughter, What are you doing here?” She said we are Muslim children who have died and we will live here untill the Day of Resurrection and wait for our parents.”

At this I said , ” O my daughter, who was that monster chasing and trying to kill me?” She said, ”O my father, that was your bad deeds, which you accumulated and could have destroyed you.” I then asked, ”And who was that weak old man?” She said, ”He was your good deeds, which you weakened to such an extent that they had no power to defend you. Therefore, O my father, repent and turn towards Allah, and be not among those who will perish,” Suddenly I woke up. I repented for my sins and turned to Allah.

The lesson we learn from this tory is that when young children die in infancy and their parents show patience and control of their emotions, it becomes a means of their salvation in the Hereafter. Allah Most High has taught us, when He tries us with an affliction, to say: All praise is due to Allah. Truly, we are Allah’s and truly unto Him is the return.
by Ahmed.
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Lessons from my life

Bismillah Hirahaman Niraheem

In consecutive years, I saw the sudden death of two of my dear relatives. Both these taught me the realities of life. I thank Allah, that the shock of both these incidents did’nt take me away from HIM, but rather bought me closer to HIM. I learnt that death comes at any moment irrespective of age. That life is too short to be spent worrying about what we don’t have or for holding grudges against other people. I made it a habit to greet everyone before leaving my house and to solve misunderstandings as soon as possible, lest it be my last visit. I learnt not to take people for granted and to be of help to others whenever possible. Sometimes it makes my bank balance look so worthless. It helps me thank Allah for the gift of life HE gives each day – to worship Him, to thank HIM, to ask forgiveness for my sins, to rectify my mistakes and to grow closer to HIM. I try to live my life as if each day was my last, but sometimes, habits die hard.(lol)

Why are we so?

Bismillah Hirahaman Niraheem
Why do we need to satisfy our ego...
  When we know that without Allah we are zero.
Why do we search for happiness in the Universe...
  When there is comfort in the Quran's every verse.
Why do we get disappointed when our prayers are unanswered...
  When we know that in each delay is a benefit from Allah showered.
Why do we get frustrated when things don't happen as planned...
  When everything in life is pre-ordained.
Why do we need to be loved by someone...
  When Allah already loves us more than anyone.
Why do we expect someone to appreciate every good deed...
  When Allah would have already credited us for what we did.
Why is pleasing others so important to us...
  When, if Allah is pleased with us,HIS creation would automatically be pleased with us.

My Quran class

Bismillah Hirahman Niraheem.

It is narrated from Abu Huraira that the Prophet (SAW) said, “As my servant thinks about Me so will I be for him. I am with him if he will remember Me. If he calls on Me in himself I will call him in Myself, and if he calls on Me in a group of people, I mention him in a better group in My presence. If he approaches Me one handspan, I will approach him one arm’s length; if he approaches Me one arm’s length, I will approach him by a cubit; if he comes to Me walking, I will come to him running.”[ Bukhari and Muslim]

As told by someone I know……

It was a time when I was feeling spiritually low. I was not able to connect to Allah whatever I did. There was this sense of emptiness and even reading of the Quran became monotonous. I was not able to comprehend the English translation of the Quran even though I was familiar with English. I was searching for Arabic classes either on the net or near my house so that I could understand the Quran better. I was praying and hoping that Allah would help me get closer to HIM.

One day I went to a nearby shopping mall with my sister. There we saw a muslim sister who wished us salam and after we replied she continued with her shopping. After a few minutes she came searching for us[we were in another section] and asked us whether we would be interested in attending word to word Quran classes in English. That too it was very near to where I was staying. Subhanallah. Subhanallah. My joy knew no bounds and I had never felt so happy before. I felt it was Allah’s answer to my prayers and that He had blessed me with more than what I had asked for. I found the class very useful. Not only did it teach Arabic grammar and Quran word to word translation, it also taught tafseer of the Quran. Alhamdulillah. Rabbi zidni ilma. Our Lord increase us in knowledge. Ameen.