Why are we so?

Bismillah Hirahaman Niraheem
Why do we need to satisfy our ego...
  When we know that without Allah we are zero.
Why do we search for happiness in the Universe...
  When there is comfort in the Quran's every verse.
Why do we get disappointed when our prayers are unanswered...
  When we know that in each delay is a benefit from Allah showered.
Why do we get frustrated when things don't happen as planned...
  When everything in life is pre-ordained.
Why do we need to be loved by someone...
  When Allah already loves us more than anyone.
Why do we expect someone to appreciate every good deed...
  When Allah would have already credited us for what we did.
Why is pleasing others so important to us...
  When, if Allah is pleased with us,HIS creation would automatically be pleased with us.

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