Aleemul Hakeem

Bismillah Hirahamah Niraheem
           The most beautiful names belong to Allah(SWT) alone and each name describes Him(SWT)   perfectly , SubhanAllah. That it is beyond the human mind to comprehend His(SWT) greatness, He(SWT) chose to reveal it Himself. Allah hu Akbar, what a great blessing that is to mankind. 
          The other day, I was listening to a lecture of a shaikh on how not to question the decisions of Allah and about the verse 
       “Vallahu ‘Aleem ul Hakeem.”(And Allah is All Knowing, All Wise) 
            If only people truly understood this attribute of His(SWT), there would be lesser worries in this world. There was a gap of three years between the marriage of my twin and that of mine. Believe me, it is not easy answering people when your twin is married and you are not. Especially when the vast majority of these people are disbelievers i.e. my co-workers. Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for me. 
           My parents(Ya Allah, have mercy on them both) left no stone unturned to get me married. People came up with 1000 reasons and solutions for that. Allah knows best, but the only reason can be that the right time had not come. 
         Though I did not know it then, those three years of my life were very fruitful in terms of both my dunya and deen. Had it not been for those years, Allah knows best, how different my approach towards life would have been from what it is now.  SubhanAllah, He(SWT) made me realise the good in that delay and that all His(SWT) decisions are for our own good. May Allah grant each believer the wisdom that, whatever the difficulty and whenever their prayers are being unanswered or delayed or accepted, it is for their own good. Aameen.