Physical appearance

Bismillah Hirahaman Niraheem

Today I chanced to speak to an old friend of mine. In the course of the conversation she mentioned how her in-laws call her darkie just because she was a shade darker than her husband. I also remembered a grandmother who used to call her grandson a shorty because he was not as tall as his cousins.

It is mentioned in Quran Surah At-Taghabun “He created the heavens and earth in truth and formed you and perfected your forms; and to Him is the [final] destination.”[64:3]

Allah(Subhana Wa Taala)  didn’t say HE created you like HE said for heavens and earth but said that HE molded you. SubhanAllah! Who are we to comment on something which Allah perfected let alone criticize it. Think twice before calling people names based on their physical appearances – it is Allah’s creation. Also don’t be ungrateful by disapproving the way we are, by saying I could have been a bit taller or a bit fairer or a bit leaner, etc. Awoodhubillah may Allah protect us from this.