Taqwa Part II- Rewards for muttaqeen

Bismillah Hirahaman Niraheem

Ittaqullah – the verb for fear Allah appears many times in the Quran. It is stated in the Surah Aal-Imran, “O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam.”[3:102]. Here, ‘Fear Allah’ means to do all that He has ordered and to abstain from all that He has forbidden. The ‘as He should be feared’ signifies that a believer should obey Him, be thankful to Him and remember Him always. In most of the ayats, which command a believer to do something or forbid something, He(SWT) reminds us to fear HIM. Allah(SWT) has guaranteed various rewards for the muttaqeen as follows.

1) Allah also assures the Muttaqeen that He will provide them sustenance from ways he is not even aware of. Also, Allah will ease all his difficulties and make the path of goodness easy for him. Ayat conveying this meaning : [65:2-3] and [92:5-7]

“And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to HIM, He will make a way for him to get out(from every difficulty). And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things.”[65:2-3]

2) Taqwa helps to attain the ultimate goal of every believer. i.e.Jannat. There are a number of ayats stressing that Allah grants paradise to people of taqwa.  Ayat conveying this meaning : [3:15], [3:133], [3:198], [12:57], [12:109], [13:35], [15:45], [16:31], [25:15], [29:90], [39:20], [39:73], [47:15].

“For Al-Muttaqeen there are Gardens with their Lord, underneath which rivers flow. They shall abide in it forever and mates pure. And Allah will be pleased with them.”[3:15]

3) Allah will give them the reasoning power to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

“O you who believe! If you obey and fear Allah, He will grant you furqan( a criterion to judge between right and wrong) and will expiate for you your sins, and forgive you; and Allah is owner of Great Bounty.”[8:29]

4) Allah will give double share of his mercy one in this world and another on the day of judgement. He also promises to guide the muttaqeen on the straight path. Ayat conveying this meaning : [57:28] and [49:10]

“O you who believe! Fear Allah and believe in HIS Messenger, He will give you a double portion of His mercy, and He will give you a light by which you shall walk (straight).And He will forgive you. And Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.”[57:28]

5) Allah is the Helper and Protector of the Muttaqeen. He also assures that he is always with the muttaqeen. Ayat conveying this meaning : [2:194], [45:19] and [16:128]

“Verily, they can avail you nothing against Allah. Verily, the zalimun are auliya(protectors) of one another, but Allah is the Wali(Helper,protector) of the Muttaqeen.”[45:19]

6)The plot of disbelievers will not affect the people of taqwa.

“If a good befalls you, it grieves them, but if an evil overtakes you, they rejoice at it. But if you remain patient and become Al-Muttaqeen, not the least harm will their cunning do to you. Surely Allah encompasses all that they do”[3:120]

7) Taqwa causes a believer to attain Allah’s love; love for this world and the Hereafter. Ayat conveying this meaning : [2:212] and [3:76]

“Yes, whoever fulfils his pledge and fears Allah much; then verily Allah loves those who are Al-Muttaqeen.”[3:76]

8) Taqwa causes a believer to attain knowledge.

So be afraid of Allah; and Allah teaches you. And Allah is All-Knower of everything.”[2:282]

9) Deeds of the muttaqeen will be accepted and he will be forgiven his  sins. Ayat conveying this meaning : [5:93],  [33:71-72] and [57:28]

“O you who believe! Keep your duty to Allah and fear Him, and always speak the truth. He will direct you to do righteous good deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whosoever obeys Allah and His Messenger(SWS), he has indeed achieved a great achievement.”[33:71-72]

10) People of taqwa will be successful/ will prosper. Ayat conveying this meaning : [2:5], [2:189], [3:130], [3:200], [5:100] and [64:16].

“They are on (true) guidance from their Lord and they are the successful ones.”[2:5]

May Allah grant us the knowledge of HIS deen and taqwa that pleases HIM so that we are admitted into paradise. Ameen.


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